Private Party

A quick visit to Fallcrest

The party arrived in Fallcrest after about half a days journey. The party went to the hall of records. There they met a busy record keeper who was less than interested in having his time wasted.

The party successfully completed a skill challenge, and using a combination of skills were able to:

  • convince the record keeper to help them find the book
  • describe various details about the book to aid in finding its location
  • find the book
  • convince the record keeper to let them borrow it

The book itself was over 3000 pages thick. Although written in common, there was no discernible index of table of contents. They would need to wait until Valthrun had a chance to examine it.

While in Fallcrest, the party took the opportunity to buy a few things.

They then returned to Winterhaven with the horses.


I should have got a potion of healing while I was at Fallcrest…

A quick visit to Fallcrest

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