Quest: “Kobold Threat at Winterhaven
Giver: Lord Padraig
Status: Completed
Reward: 100 gp + any loot found including former possessions of villagers.
Reward Received?: No

Story Notes: Kobolds have slowly become more of a threat as the weeks go by. There are frequent raids on the King’s Road and the surrounding areas. It is no longer safe. Lord Padraig has enlisted the help of the adventurers go into the southeast cave of Winterhaven and remove the threat.

Quest: “Find Douven Staul
Giver: Lord Rathis Pegason
Status: Completed
Reward: 250 XP
Reward Received?: Yes

Story Note: In the Kobold Ambush Encounter, the PCs found a necklace on the wyrmpriest, on which dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian. A successful religion check helped them to recognize the etching as an abstract representation of the demon lord of the undead, Orcus.


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