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In a northern pocket called the Nentir Vale, there are many structures old and ancient that still stand in disrepair since the age of the Nerath Empire. Since the fall of that once might empire, decades of growth has caused the once civilized land to be enveloped by wilderness.

Some ancient sites have long since been forgotten as new cities and towns are built on top. Perhaps old catacombs and dungeons have survived, waiting to have their dangers braved and their treasures attained by new adventurers. And yet other sites still remain intact but hidden as nature reclaims its territory.

Campaign “Private Party”

Our adventurers have been scouted by spies of a mysterious man named Lord Rathis Pegason.

All that is known so far is that he has apparently lost something very precious to him. An Oracle prophesied that only a group of young adventurers brought together by him could lead him to his missing possession.

For that reason, the PCs are summoned to the office of servant and viceroy to Lord Pegason, Jago Holgen, in the city of Fallcrest.

The PCs have agreed, either due to greed, fear or excitement for adventure to join the party.

They will receive occasional direction from Lord Pegason but are otherwise able to adventure freely.

Perhaps more will be revealed as time goes on.

Main Page

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