Lord Rathis Pegason

Rathis Pegason is the sponsor and employer of the PCs Party.

Apparently one day, something very precious to him was lost. In an effort to locate it he consulted an Oracle who predicted he would need to gather a party of adventurers to join together and journey around the world. The best chance he would have at recovering his lost item would be the party who may encounter it on their travels. No details of this item have yet been revealed to the PCs.

Little is currently known of him other than he is much wealthier than the “common” Lord. It is believed that the title of Lord is more ceremonial than anything and that it is used for lack of a better term. “King” would not be appropriate although his fortune would rival that of any.

Lord Pegason has amassed his great power and riches without much notice and although his history in the Nentir Vale is unknown, he somehow has the authority of a Great Lord who family has been around ages.

Lord Rathis Pegason

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