We will be adding to the Adventure Log after each session to keep a summary of what happened available for all to look back at. I may, from time to time, need assistance in recalling some details.

As we are running a campaign, and not just a single adventure, it may be difficult to remember certain overarching story elements that tie everything together. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of everything.

For those who are going to be more casual players, please try and read the more recent Adventure Logs to get a feel for where we are before the next game you join. In this way, you can drop in anytime you like and not feel lost.

Also feel free to make use of the Wiki. It, like Wikipedia, will have many topics added mostly by me to further explain the world we are playing in.

Make sure you’ve created your character from your profile. To do this, click on My Profile, and then go to the Characters tab, and Create New Character. Fill in the fields, as brief or detailed as you want. Make sure to select Private Party under the PC in Campaign drop-down.


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