Elf Cleric

AC 16 Fort 11 Ref 11 Will 16

HP 24 Bloodied 12 Surges/day 8 p. Speed 6 Initiative +1 Passive Insight 19 Passive perception 19

Aligned: Good Deity: Melora – god of the wilderness & the sea Vision: Low-light Language: Common, Elven


Aeris comes from an Elvin city within the woods. The youngest of eight children, she studied as a cleric, which has tempered her wild spirit but being young and impetuous she has a hard time not rushing into the heart of the battle. Her fierce loyalty and desire to do good and achieve peace get the best of her sometimes. She is still learning to stay back so she will be ready to heal her fellow comrades in order to achieve her ultimate goal of restoring peace.


Private Party Aeris