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The Mark of Pegason

After leaving Lord Padraig’s Manor, the adventurers were greeted by a cloaked figure. He introduced him self as one of Lord Pegason’s spies. He was sent with a reward for successfully retrieving Douven Staul alive. He gave each PC 100 GP. He also handed everyone a small item. This item immediately faded in each PCs’ hand and left a deep burning pain. The pain quickly subsided. The spy informs them that they have been gifted with the Mark of Lord Pegason. All who work for Lord Pegason will have the mark and is used to prove being in his service. The spy shows his own mark. While everyone was examining the mark more closely, the spy silently disappeared.

The PCs headed to the Smithy and then Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe to sell and buy equipment. The PCs took this chance to split the communal loot.

The PCs went back to see Valthrun the Prescient again to check on his progress. He says to them:
“You can’t be serious. You were just here! When I said come back later, I meant MUCH later! Otherwise I would have asked you to wait. Like most scholars my books are categorized by colour, size and value. I can’t just be expected to know exactly where any particular book is located. I need time. Come back later.”
He shoos them away as he has yet to invent to dewy decimal system for effective library browsing.

The party then split into 2 groups. Darrack and Aeris went to Wraftons Inn.Azrael, StartShooter Ravenson, Rogerus, Scooter, headed off in the other direction to explore the town more. At the inn, Darrak went straight to Salvana Wrafton and ordered a pitcher of ale. Aeris noticed that Ninaran is missing and informed Darrak while he is finishing up ale. The two decided it would be best to inform the others of Ninaran’s disappearance.

Darrak and Aeris met up with the other adventurers and learn that a town guard had already informed them that when they were about to assign Salvanna to watch over Ninaran, that Ninaran had already left. In an attempt to gain more information the party questioned the guard if he saw anyone leave the town. He replied:
“You are the only ones that have arrived in town all day. No one has left save for Douven Staul on his way back to Fallcrest.”
The party tried to seek information from the stable master but to no avail. Next the party visited the Warrior’s Guild. There they met Rond Kelfem. He informed them that the last place he had seen Ninaran was at the inn. They also learned that Ninaran had been in town for a couple of weeks.

The party spent the night at the inn, sharing a room in fear of an ambush by cult members.

As the party left their room in the morning they noticed an air of nervousness among the villagers. Many of them aren’t sure why. Eilian the Old explained that he had a dream in which a dark door was opened somewhere. Azrael and Rogerus confirmed this dark feeling but could not pinpoint its direction. The party went back to the Manor House to inform Lord Padraig of Ninaran’s disappearance and of the strange feeling of the air. They were stopped again at the Inner Gate by the guards. They denied the PCs an audience with the Lord as they were well aware of her disappearance. The guards were instructed to pass on their Lord’s concern that the party has not yet dealt with the Kobold threat.

Yet again the party visited Valthrun’s tower but his door was locked and a sign was posted that said “busy researching”. Aeris knocks on the door anyway and Valthrun explained that he would need more time.

The party decided it was time to head towards the southeast waterfall where they have been told by Lord Padraig and Ninaran that they will find the Kobolds and possibly cultist activity.


Can someone verify/proof read this log? Thx

The Mark of Pegason

Updated with corrections. Try and keep it past tense please for consistency.

The Mark of Pegason

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