Private Party

So close, yet so far...

After the battle outside the Kobold Lair was won, Scooter began to act strangely. He had one of his post-traumatic episodes, no doubt caused by stress of the battle. He fainted and so the party stashed him safely in some nearby bushes and continued towards the lair.

The party was blocked from entering the lair by great stone boulders at either entrance.

A perception check yielded to small mechanisms, cleverly hidden on either side of each boulder.

A history check help them remember that back in the days of the Nerath there was an opposing faction of Dwarves hiding out near Winterhaven. This must have been their hideout, previous to the Kobolds moving in.

They also remembered that Dwarves of that time period had a fascination with the number two and usually incorporated it into their art and construction.

Operating both mechanisms at the same time, they heard several clicks and turning gears and then the boulder started to recess into the ground. The door had been opened.

The party recieved 40 XP each for this skill challenge.



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