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Ripples in Time

Past events have been altered. It is unclear how or why but the effects are real all the same.

Everything you know, everything you’ve done is unchanged except for a few details:

While spending the night in Winterhaven, Rogerus received news that his father is gravely ill. He had to leave immediately and travel far to the city of Candor located to the east, beyond the Nentir Vale. A note was left behind to the party explaining it all. Anything he was carrying is still with him.

Taelia, during her Elf-Rogue holiday, has fallen in love. This love has such strong hold on her that she may not return for some time.

Most seriously, you all feel that your advancements and strengths were only but a dream. In reality you are each still level 1 and have 705 XP.

Each of you feels that your role in life is more clear and that by maintaining focus on these roles could yield great rewards.

Darrack, abandoned with no memory of his past, except a single possession – a marble beer mug with the name Darrack carved on it, takes jobs and quests to keep his beer mug full so that he himself doesn’t feel empty. Loyal and skillful, show him the way to another beer and he’ll fight by your side in the worst of situations.

Scooter, a veteran from many battles and wars, has seen and been through more than most. As a consequence he is suffering from a slight case of post-traumatic stress syndrome, or “magic-missile shell shock”. This has skewed his judgment of the world and made him cynical and sarcastic. He is a very competent leader and remains calm and focused under battle conditions, but he has yet to find peace in normal society.

StartShooter Ravenson, longs to find any trace of his family line after his immediate family was killed. A skilled archer, and adept at hunting and tracking, he is well at home in nature. However, he is still haunted by nightmares of the beasts that killed his family and sometimes gets a bit startled and goes trigger happy.

Azrael is a natural outcast. Being Tiefling he was often a victim if discrimination. As is common with most of his race he dreamed of power. Becoming a warlock, though a stereotypical choice for his kind, seemed to be the best route. He claims that his fate is already tied to evil demons and so he must inherently become an evil power. But deep inside there is a conscience that prevents him from becoming truly evil. He has disturbing evidence that he might be a descendant of Emperor Bael Turath.

Aeris, the youngest of eight children, studied as a cleric, which has tempered her wild spirit but being young and impetuous she has a hard time not rushing into the heart of the battle. Her fierce loyalty and desire to do good and achieve peace get the best of her sometimes. She is still learning to stay back so she will be ready to heal her fellow comrades in order to achieve her ultimate goal of restoring peace. She believes strongly in the will of Melora and her strictures.


Read my interpretation of your character’s general story and let me know of any corrections. Its meant to be a brief description of the purpose and direction of your character.

Ripples in Time

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Ripples in Time

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