Private Party

Encounter - Burial Site

The PCs set out and soon arrived at the burial site. Douven Staul was correct, it was indeed a dragon burial site.

A steep-sided crater punctures the wilderness. Near the center of the depression, several humanoid figures cluster around a collection of bones. Two small, dragonlike creatures near the crater rim stand alert and stare at your approach.

Douven was nowhere to be seen. Instead a gnome named Agrid and 4 humans were excavating the site. Agrid claimed to be Douven’s assistant and that Douven was investigating another scene to the south.

“You can’t fully appreciate what we’ve uncovered from up above. Come down toward the dragon bones and see what the workers have discovered.”

A successful insight check suggested he was lying and that he might be leading them into a trap so the PCs decided to maintain their defensive position above the crater.

Agrid saw they were on to him so he ordered his group to attack. The two creatures, drakes, took point and headed towards the party.

Even despite his brief period of invisibility, the PCs defeated Agrid and his team.

On the bodies they found:
  • 65 gp and 13 sp
  • 4 Clubs
  • 1 War Pick
  • 1 Crossbow
  • 19 Bolts
  • 1 Dagger
  • 1 Sling
  • 1 +1 Amulet of Health
    Each PC gained 120 XP.

The PCs searched the area and found a blanket covering something. Underneath they found Douven Staul, alive but bound and gagged.

Douven explained that he had been forced to help the gnome skulk Agrid scour the place for an ancient relic to help someone called Kalarel complete a ritual. He didn’t have very much additional information but it was clear to him that Agrid was a member of some kind of cult headed by Kalarel.

On further inspection, the PCs could not read the runes surrounding the dragon skeleton. It was a form of Draconic but was too ancient for Dragonborn Scooter too understand.

The PC’s asked Douven if the relic was ever found. He replied that it was probably in a nearby crate. Searching the crate they found an ancient mirror. A history check revealed that it was crafted by a the Nerath people over a century ago. An arcana check revealed that it had no magic properties whatsoever. Douven suggested the PCs talk to Valthrun the Prescient back in Winterhaven. If they could convince him of cult activity then he might be able to help them.

The PCs decided it would be safest to make camp here in case they were again attacked by Kobolds on their way back to Winterhaven.

After an extended rest, they set off towards Winterhaven and arrived without any problems.



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